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The two masterminds
that made Nexcharge

Exide is India’s largest battery manufacturer and the market leader for more than 100 years. The Company offers a comprehensive battery range – from Cap Lamp to Submarine. Exide has four major lead-acid battery recycling facilities, two of which are in the United States; Spain and Portugal have one each as well. 99 percent of lead processed through these facilities is recycled.

Exide has been one of India’s most trustworthy brands, enjoying a solid reputation. Their constant emphasis on innovation, extensive geographic footprint, strong relationship with marquee clients and steady technology upgradations with global business partners have made them a distinct frontrunner in the lead-acid storage batteries space for both automotive and industrial applications.

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imagesLeclanché was founded in 1909 in Yverdon-les-Bains. It is considered a world-leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions based on lithium-ion cell technologies. The Company is known for bringing German technology bolstered with Swiss precision to global markets. Leclanché is the only listed pure play energy storage company in the world, equipped to deliver complete customer solutions.

At Leclanché, the high performance NMC & LTO lithium-ion cells are designed and manufactured in-house in Europe, thereby ensuring that the most stringent quality standards are maintained. The high energy and lifelong performance attributes of Leclanché’s lithium-ion cells are at the heart of optimising fleet vehicles of all sizes and reduce cost of ownership for fleet vehicles operators.

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