Microgrid have traditionally relied on diesel generators for electric power, but with inclusion of renewable (Solar PV or Wind) energy, their dependence of diesel fuel decreases, however an Energy Storage System must be included with renewables to get maximum contribution from renewable energy. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the most suitable solution available for Energy Storage System because of high energy density that enables bigger systems to be deployed with a compact footprint.

Application - DG Offset

BESS independently or with Solar PV can be used to offset the use of diesel generators up to a great extent. It helps in reducing the air pollution & noise pollution along with the reduction in levelized cost of energy for customer.

Application – Island operation

In case of Grid unavailability/ outage BESS system can form an island grid and provide reference voltage & frequency for other sources (like Solar PV) to function.

BESS rating for microgrid can be classified in following ranges:

a. 50kWh to 1000kWh

b. 1MWh to 5MWh

c. Above 5MWh