Power generation from renewable sources is inherently intermittent and unpredictable. Hence large-scale integration of renewables into the electricity system requires BESS for energy storage and reliability of discharge. BESS rating for renewable integration varies from few kWh to MWh.

Application - Ramp rate control

Solar PV plant output can fluctuate 80% in a second due to clouds. BESS is used to quickly charge and discharge batteries to smoothen the output of Solar PV Plant.

Application - Energy Shift

BESS is used in Solar PV Plants to store the energy whenever excess solar power is available and give the energy back to the system during off solar hours.

BESS rating for renewable integration can be classified in following ranges:

a. 50kWh to 1000kWh

b. 1MWh to 5MWh

c. Above 5MWh