With increasing Energy demand, rising grid tariffs and challenges in grid connectivity for rural & remote areas, Microgrid is a well-placed solution to tackle these challenges. Renewable Energy being an intermittent source of energy, battery storage has become critical component of a Microgrid. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries due to its higher cyclic life and energy density is a great enabler to extract the maximum benefits of a Microgrid system.

Solution Features

  • Reliable & Safe LiFePO4 cell technology
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • In-built HVAC solution
  • Suitable for fast charging, saves fuel consumption of DG
  • Less weight and compact footprint
  • Compatible for communication with PCS
  • State-of-Art Battery Management System
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics (Optional)
  • Higher Cyclic life
  • Longer Design life
  • High round-trip efficiency
  • Low Maintenance

Solution Range

Parameters Details
Nominal Voltage   10-500kVA
Module Ah rating   50Ah/100/150Ah
Rack Configuration   1SXP

*The battery sizing & configurations shall be customized based on the UPS rating and power back up requirement