Nexcharge presents the state-of-the-art solution for long pending requirement of Telecom sector to provide complete green operation with improved uptime and total energy accountability with its advanced Battery Management System and value-added features like Remote Asset Services. The premium quality and better life would ensure minimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Solution Features

  • Reliable & Safe LiFePO4 cell technology
  • Advanced Remote Asset Services RAS (Optional)
  • Effective failure prevention and analytics with balance of life with RAS
  • Communication through RS485 / RS232
  • Suitable for multi-unit parallel connection (up to 15 modules)
  • State-of-Art BMS with built-in advanced protections
  • Higher operating temperature range
  • High Cycle life High round-trip efficiency
  • Standardized 19” rack-mountable

Solution Details

Battery Specification Dimension Battery Specification Dimension
48V, 100Ah 19"4U 48V, 40Ah 19"2U
48V, 75Ah 19"4U 48V, 20Ah 19"1U
48V, 50Ah 19"3U 48V, 10Ah  19"1U