Battery Management System (BMS)

We develop BMS for industrial and automotive applications (ISO 26262). Our BMS designs our tailor made to meet our customer's mechanical requirements.

Feature Rich Design

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • High voltage interlock
  • HV measurement port & IMD
  • GPS / GPRS / 4G
  • SD card memory
  • RTC
  • GPIO / CAN


  • Monitoring of battery systems.
  • Protecting of battery systems.
  • Estimating the battery’s state.
  • Maximizing the battery performance.
  • Highly optimized algorithm for state of function.
  • Data logging and communicating to users & external devices.
  • High accuracy and control to provide safe operating zone to li-on cell.
  • Know-how of BMS with complete indigenous design for automotive and industrial application.
  • Supported by embedded linux based, windows based and model based development (MATLAB).
  • Our labs can perform tests like radiated immunity > 100V/m, conducted transient emission and magnetic immunity test based on ISO 7637-(2/3), ISO 11452-2, ISO 7637-2 and ISO 11452-8 standards.