Transitioning towards
a new sustainable world

Through our latest technology, we offer energy storage solutions that are scalable, ensure smooth application, and protect the valuable resources of the environment. We consider it our responsibility to include ecological aspects in our manufacturing practices, and so place great value on the efficient use of resources. We acknowledge that the availability of materials and resources is limited and requires responsible usage over the whole product life cycle. This includes proper disposal of batteries, which we believe is an indispensable component of sustainability. Also, our firm emphasis on sustainability in production is because we care for our environment.

Aiming for a green planet images

Protection of our global environment is one of the significant focus areas for Nexcharge. We contribute towards achieving a sustainable society through environment-friendly initiatives, like disposing batteries responsibly. With Lithium-ion batteries, the question that arises is – how can we sustainably secure enough resources to support the global transition to electrification? And how is it possible to succeed in creating a green planet? The answer is by recycling the batteries. Although, the process is not quite simple, we at Nexcharge understand that proper disposal of batteries is an essential component of sustainability.
Electric Vehicles are meant to be the most promising technology for reducing the environmental burden of road transport, which affects our planet through carbon dioxide emissions, passenger car noise and air pollution.

Recycling is always the best choice! images

The assumption made that once a battery’s life cycle ends, it cannot be reused in a vehicle is erroneous. The fact is – recycling has proven to have more advantages than just being thrown away. Recycling of lithium-ion batteries will transform the energy world and also enable a sustainable life cycle. Nexcharge’s lithium-ion batteries offer a new age, affordable and reliable technology to meet business sustainability.
recycling of lithium ion batteries