Deep Design Expertise

Deep design capability providing leading energy density, thermal stability and functionality.

Ability to provide application matched cells across form factors and chemistry.

Quality Manufacturing

Automated manufacturing        ensuring highest quality in    compliance with industry standards.

Rigorous quality testing procedures at cell, module and pack level.

In-House BMS Competency

In-house BMS giving ability to modify, customise and optimise performance.

Flexibility to add latest advanced features to match customer requirements.

Competitive Scale

High scale manufacturing for competitive cost for OEM and market replacement sales.

Competitive sourcing of cells via strategic sourcing relationships globally.

Made in India

Our customers benefit from exemption of import duties by buying products from Nexcharge.

We are based in the automotive hub of Gujarat that guarantees a competitive and accessible supply chain.

Our Process

A collaborative development process that caters to customer's needs at every step, enabling us to design battery packs as per your requirement.