With in-house firmware experts, Nexcharge can control and develop firmware effectively.

Model based code generation: MSC (Multi string controller)

  • MATLAB & Simulink based model software development.
  • Diagnostic over CAN, supported by UDS.
  • To connect parallel battery packs seamlessly.
  • Communicates with VCU (Vehicle control Unit).
  • Easy integration with different types of BMS or VCU by simple adaptation of driver level interface.


  • Highly configurable, support user customization.
  • Embedded linux based environment for telematics development.
  • Bootloader with Firmware Over The Air update capability (FOTA).

Other features include:

  • Agile based software development process.
  • High quality software produced according to industry standards.
  • Clean separation between hardware abstraction layer and application logic.
  • Scrum-based software development environment with full life cycle management and automated code testing.