Wire harness is the nerve system of the battery pack that provides accurate signals to the controller unit. Nexcharge has automotive grade wire harness design capability that ensures our battery packs can handle different safety norms as per global standards.

Other features include:

  • Selection of switchgear, connectors, fuse sizing.
  • Our designs are based on easy serviceability in the field.
  • Long-lasting design reliability till the end of life of battery pack.
  • We use UG NX 11 & Zuken E3 softwares to develop wire harness. 
  • Design expertise in high voltage, high current wire harnesses.
  • Locking arrangement of wire harness helps avoid any abnormality in battery pack.
  • Our labs can validate various tests such as test pulses, bulk current injection and abnormal voltage. These meet ISO 7637-(2/3), ISO 1452-4, ISO 16750-4 standards.